A Museum of Meteoritic and Limestone Coming to the Kaali crater field, it is effectual to visit also the museum which is corresponding to the theme. In the summer there are displayed real pieces of meteorites and alloys, which has arisen during the meteorites' falling to the Earth from different parts of the world. There are also introduced the theme which is connected with the Kaali meteorite and are talked about the other meteorite craters which has been found from Estonia and somewhere else from the world. In the geological part are given detailed overview about geological bedrock structure of Saaremaa, quarries on Saaremaa, different possibilities to use limestone and dolomite.
It is possible to book a guide service according to the price list.

Adult 20 EEK
Children, students, Pensioners 10 EEK
Family 40 EEK
Group 15 EEK (for a person)
Guide service (an hour) 250 EEK